Period taken for a love spell to work.

What’s the period taken for a love spell to work? A magical spell is the focusing of vital energies, accompanied by words, actions, magical tools, and ingredients.


These energies are meant to affect the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the world around us. By focusing so strongly on what we want, we hope to create a laser beam of intent which will change the way energies are moving in our reality, thus effectively granting our wishes. What we’re doing, is willing our dreams into reality.


Spells are important in many cultures. Sure, they often appear in different forms, but the idea is the same. Even people who don’t realize that they are casting spells, cast spells.


Have you ever left something for the tooth fairy? You put an object under your pillow, wish to a fairy for something in return and lo and behold, normally something appears.


Now sure, this is your parents putting money under your pillow, but if you didn’t believe in the tooth fairy money certainly wouldn’t manifest would it? Your parents would stop giving it to you because you no longer believed in the magic of the tooth fairy.

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