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Djinn/Jinn History According To Islam

Jinn / Djinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from smokeless fire by God (Arabic: Allah) as humans were made of clay, among other things. According to the Quran, jinn have free will, and Iblīs abused this freedom in front of God by refusing to bow to Adam when God ordered angels and jinn to do so. For disobeying God, Iblīs was expelled from Paradise and called "Shaytān" (Satan). Jinn are frequently mentioned in the Quran: Surah 72 (named Sūrat al-Jinn) is named after the jinn, and has a passage about them. Another surah (Sūrat al-Nās) mentions jinn in the last verse.


The djinn are described as creatures born from fire and flame, and capable of emerging in a variety of forms. The Quaran states the djinn have existed since the ancient times, including pre-Islamic civilization. Thus, djinn are not necessarily "Islamic" entities but most likely, first utilized and accepted by the first civilizations in the Middle East. This complies with human history. It is said the oldest civlization in the world is Mesopotamia which is current day Iraq. As the migration of people occurred from the Middle East, towards India, SouthEast Asia and much later towards Europe, the use of the djinn spread to a wider area.


In ancient times, Djinn became most commonly accepted & utilized in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and large portions of South East Asia in countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, and even to Africa where slaves called upon the djinn. In several ancient scriptures from the Middle East and Asia, the djinn are referred to as a spiritual entity. In some instances the djinn is portrayed as an entity which is there to guide, help and teach. In others, a source of torment and pain. Simply put, the djinn have been used for both good and bad and it is man's choice how to use their power. In the Bible, King Solomon speaks of using djinn to build a Temple. He wrongfully refers to them as demons but again this shows the prevalence of these spirits throughout history. Even during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, rebels and soldiers refused to enter Muslim mosques and places of worship, due to fear from facing the wrath of the djinn who protected these places.


Today,the biggest differences in djinn thought or opinion comes from Western & Eastern differences. In the West (North America/Europe), many people see djinn as a wishing tool. Three wishes and I shall have it. Others will tell you that djinn are evil and harmful; this comes from those who are familiar with the power of the djinn and want to preserve it for themselves. In the East, rather, in locations which are familiar with the djinn, they are used for guidance, assistance, and help. The djinn are to be called upon for teaching, guiding and manifesting what you desire and IF you work with the djinn, IF you do not neglect them, IF you Believe, you will truly see that are one of the most magical creatures upon the earth.


Spirit Invocation Formulas

Invocations to invoke the unseen are easy and not complicated. Invocations are plenty but I have put the very best for an amazing user experience. Get ready to experience the unreal and witness your distant dreams become a reality. Popular invocations are genie invocations, angel of wealth invocation, dwarf invocation and spirits invocation formula.


Genie Power Invocation

This is a superior power and a very sacred formula. This formula disappeared in the late 70's and early 80's. This Formula that I have brought to light is an all time great formula. Once the Genie is conquered you become a very powerful person. He will take you to places in seconds; he can bring mountains of gold etc for you within seconds. No evil or black magic will even come close to you. No disease can even touch you. All you have to do is that you just command him and he will do or bring that thing to you as per your will and wish. All your problems and worries will be over in an instant. He will be your invisible body guard and will also attract the good angels towards you.


Spirits Invocation

This formula was discovered by the ancient Egyptian scholars and is used widely around the world. This formula enables you to conquer the spirit. You can conquer any dead person's spirit or any near and dear ones who has passed away. This formula is used to know the hidden treasures and hidden secrets that you always wanted to know. This formula also makes sure that the good spirits are always around you and guiding you.


Messenger Angel Of Wealth

Do you want to become rich? I provide this rare invocation which is a secret formula. It's a spiritual being for wealth and will provide the invoker with treasures from the invisible. It's the best invocation and the greatest tool ever for people who want to have wealth and enjoy the luxurious of life. The messenger is a supreme spiritual being and will cross all boundaries to make the invoker wealthy. There will be more money at your feet within minutes than what you could possibly have never imagined. Note the person who will do the invocation will become rich within days.


Types of Djinn/Jinn

Djinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from smokeless fire by God (Arabic: Allah) as humans were made of clay, among other thing​. According to the Quran, jinn have free will, and Iblīs abused this freedom in front of God by refusing to bow to Adam when God ordered angels and jinn to do so. For disobeying God, Iblīs was expelled from Paradise and called "Shaytān" (Satan).


Qareen/Hamzad - According to Islam, every human is born with a Djinn/Jinn/Jinni. This Jinn causes the person to do bad and sin. This Jinn that human is born with is called Qareen/ Hamzad (Qareen is the Arabic word and Hamzad is the urdu/Indian word for such Jinns). Now Qareen/Hamzad can be captured. In other words, they can be made your servant. What can a hamzad do if captured and made in to your servant? They can give you information on any person in the world. Every human has a hamzad, so once we capture our hamzad, we have the ability to send it to another person’s hamzad and get information on that person. We have a Qareen from the day we are born, so they know every detail about us.


Marids - Marids are often described as the most powerful type of jinn, having especially great powers. They are the most proud as well. Like every jinn, they have free will yet could be compelled to perform chores. According to folklore, they also have the ability to grant wishes to mortals, but that usually requires battle, imprisonment, rituals, or just a great deal of flattery. The Rahamut, the giant fish in the Qu'ran, is an example of a non-humanoid form of this particular Jinn.


Ghoul - The ghoul are shape-shifting, cannibalistic, and blood-drinking creatures that feed on the flesh of human beings,especially travelers, children or corpses stolen out of graves. The oldest references to ghoul in Arabian lore are found in the Book of 1001 Nights. There are several types of ghoul. The most feared is a female type (ghoula) which has the ability to appear as a normal, mortal woman. According to lore, such a creature marries an unsuspecting man, who becomes her prey. The ghoul are nocturnal creatures who inhabit graveyards, ruins and other lonely places. Sometimes they are described as dead humans who sleep for long periods in secret graves, then awake, rise and feast on both the living and the dead. Ghoul also personify the unknown terrors held by the desert. In Persian lore the ghul has the legs of a donkey and the horns of a goat.


‘Ifrit - The ‘ifrit (variation: afrit) is cited only once in the Qur’an, in reference to a djinni who fetched the throne of the Queen of Sheba at the command of King Solomon. In lore, it is evil and powerful, and difficult to control. The Ifrits are in a class of infernal Jinn noted for their strength and cunning. An ifrit is an enormous winged creature of fire, either male or female, who lives underground and frequents ruins. Ifrits live in a society structured along ancient Arab tribal lines, complete with kings, tribes and clans. They generally marry one another, but they can also marry humans. While ordinary weapons and forces have no power over them, they are susceptible to magic, which humans can use to kill them or to capture and enslave them. As with the jinn, an ifrit may be either a believer or an unbeliever, good or evil, but it is most often depicted as a wicked and ruthless . 

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