Powerful Sangoma With Supernatural Magic Powers

Powerful Sangoma With Supernatural Magic Powers

Sangoma is a term to classify a variety of practitioners who are specialists in esoteric methods through which they diagnose the causes of misfortune, provide treatments to alleviate problems and offer prognoses aimed at ensuring long-term well-being. Some sangomas primarily are herbalists, who frequently use mystical means to determine the causes of illness, such as being led in a dream to the appropriate herb to prescribe the remedy for a particular affliction. Others act as diviners, who, in southern Africa, use specially engraved bones or sticks to diagnose the cause of individual or group afflictions and prescribe remedies. After throwing or casting the bones, the diviner ‘reads’ or interprets them according to their configuration. Perhaps the most revered traditional practitioner is one who becomes possessed by a spirit, often an ancestor spirit, who has adopted a descendant as his or her host. The adopted host becomes the ancestor’s voice and, in rituals of possession, the ancestor communicates directly about causes and solutions to communal misfortune.


Sangoma Traditional Healer

Dr Ado :- Top Sangoma Traditional Healer with ‘magical powers. The role of traditional healers is to heal people using traditional magic which has passed a series of generations. Dr Ado is a powerful tradition healer residing and registered in South Africa. He is considered one of the most powerful legitimate traditional healers in the country. Dr Ado extends his services in the city of Durban, Mossel Bay, Johannesburg and many others.


I am a traditional therapist in both conventional and traditional medicine. I have healed countless number of people around the world from various countries which include Belgium, Madagascar, Venezuela, Portugal, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Cyprus, Kuwait and among others.


Sangoma African Healing Powers and Rituals

 Dr Ado started studying medicinal plants at the age of 11, after developing a keen interest in how plants and herbs were used to heal people. I have a wide-ranging therapy that goes beyond only healing the body, but also the spirit and soul for comprehensive cure. Advanced African healer – traditional healers in Africa – powerful Sangoma. With my advanced African traditional healing, I have worked on so many clients where other traditional healers have failed. I perform advanced consulting from the great for fathers to know the cause of such health complication,” which may be a result of witch craft.


Healing complicated problems for my patient where other healers might have failed requires rare ability and that is what makes me unique after inheriting it from my grandmother. Using these advanced powerful traditional healing magic I have healed a woman who had chronic periods for over two years. She had gone to one of acclaimed hospitals in the country but the treatment she received there could not help.

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